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Join the conversational revolution.crystal is the first AI-powered technology enabling you to integrate human conversation in your business intelligence, turning any data into natural language based insights.
Plugs in, thinks deep & talks outcrystal gets in touch with your data to set the basics for a long term relationship with your business, building your smoothest BI experience yet.
Connectssimultaneously to your business data sources, ensuring privacy and speed
Learnsimmediately and over time, getting smarter the more you two have conversations
Turns data into insightsEnabling you to literally talk to it and making it smarter, easier and shareable with your team.
Carl, your sales went up by 9.8% this month.
Thanks crystal!
A powerful tool to simplify your business
AI powered advisorTalks and answers your questions, providing valuable insights when you need.
Smart notificationsSends you updates so you can act on time if any sudden change occurs.
Data dashboardKeeps you informed with simplified analytics from multiple data sources.
crystal integrations available
Custom integration for crystal
Artificial intelligence integrations
crystal integrations available
Custom integration for crystal
Works where you wantCustom integrations are available on request to access insights from any business and personal application.
Google Assistant
Any other application
Combine your top data...Connect your most widely used data sources to crystal and make all business intelligence accessible in one place.
...and every other source.Request your customized data connectors and let all your departments easily interact with crystal.
Building happiness one answer after the other.
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Make your business intelligence conversational.Get in touch to discuss your customized crystal.
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Fast data retrivalFast data retrievalFast data retrieval ensures more-than-human speed in processing, comparing and analyzing enormous amounts of information from any data source in real time.
Fast data retrivalMachine LearningBy learning about your multi-source data, crystal’s Machine Learning system creates a knowledge graph of your business, getting smarter over time.
Fast data retrivalNatural Language ProcessingNLP makes crystal literally speak in human language, enabling you to chat with her just like you would with a colleague.
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